Instructor: Sensei Morgan Duchesney – Rokudan 

Since 1996 Okuden Karate Jutsu has taught practical responses to the full spectrum of interpersonal violence. We focus on bunkai jutsu, the self-defense templates of classical kata.

Sensei Duchesney employs safe methods of imparting technical skills and physical fitness in a respectful atmosphere. Bi-weekly classes included meditation and physical conditioning. Most techniques may be modified to suit learners' age, health and related factors. Students also learn personal safety skills such as conflict avoidance and de-escalation.

Bunkai waza and related flow drills are the core of Karate or Kenpo Jutsu, the older version of Karate. It features escapes, vital point strikes, throws, strangulations/chokes, joint locks and prone grappling techiques that are supported by kata as a memory tool.

Okuden Karate Jutsu also emphasizes courtesy, perseverance and mutual respect. These ethical principles have established Karate as an effective path to mental, spiritual and physical health.

 “Everyone has the right to be safe.”



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Karate Jutsu
McNabb Recreation Centre Ottawa
Phone-Text:  613-598-0266
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