MARTIAL ARTS FOR HEALTH - improving mental health with martial arts

Every year our parent organisation, Isshindo Kan Europe, runs a series of seminars called Martial Arts for Health. In the UK our focus is on the benefits that martial arts can bring for improving mental health.

In 2019 our club in association with John Johnston Adaptive Karate and support of Gary Stringer will host a seminar to raise funds in support of the mental health charity, Combat Stress. 

Combat Stress offers a range of treatment services in the community, at our specialist centres, on the phone and online, and we develop a personalised programme for each veteran's individual needs. Combat Stress provides the UK's only residential treatment for veterans with trauma-related mental health problems. Highly trained staff have specialist knowledge of veteran trauma.

We would like to invite you all to attend our Karate for Mental Health seminar.  It is open to all grades (including beginners).


  • WHEN: Saturday the 30th of November 2019, from 11:30 to 18:30.

More detailed timings coming soon.


  • WHERE: MCSDA Unit 4b. Masons Place Business Park. Nottingham Road. Chaddesden. Derby. DE21 6AQ

  • COST: Entry donation is £30 or more (if you are feeling   generous). Those with limited finances are free to help this cause with whatever they can afford . Please note that if you are unable to attend this event but would still like to contribute you can do so via our Just  Giving page:
  • BOOKING: As space is limited to 40 we would really appreciate it if people who are interested in this event select 'interested' on our Facebook page unless you are sure that you are able to attend so that we can get a more realistic view of the likely number of participants. tickets will be available via payment to just giving page

At the venue there is no Cafe, so please bring your own lunch, there is a vending machine with drinks.


A variety of instructors have kindly donated their time for this seminar including Sensei Iain Abernethy, Sensei John Johnson, Sensei Steve Lowe, Sensei Matt Jardine, Sensei Gary Stringer and Sensei Les Bubka.  We are extremely grateful to those who have offered their time to support this event.

If you would like to know more about the instructors that have dedicated their time to support this event please visit the links below:

If you have any further queries about this event, please contact Les via or

Event Details
club events
30 Nov 2019
MCSDA, Unit 4b, Masons Place Business Park, Nottingham Road, Chaddesden, Derby DE21 6AQ
Les via or
Entry donation £30 (or more if you feel generous)
I have just recently joined the WCA as an Associate Instructor and, so far, the experience has been very pleasing. The response to my enquiries was prompt and professional, and the admission process very smooth. I am pleased to be associated with the WCA and I look forward to many years of knowledge exchange and learning. As my school grows, I will enrol the school into the WCA - my students are quite excited by the prospect. Thank you for your positive and constructive contribution to the field of martial arts.
Michael Beaton Senpu-Ryu Kenpo (Australia) Chief Instructor
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