Train with 3 top Karateka in one day!

Andrew Rheeston, Lee Taylor & Leigh Simms team up to bring you 4 hours of practical kata bunkai for both Passai/Bassai Dai and Kosokun Dai/Kushanku/Kanku Dai.

Coming from three different backgrounds Lee, Andy and Leigh will be offering a multitude of practical applications to Passai/Bassai Dai and Kosokun Dai/Kushanku/Kanku Dai which will be valuable regardless of your style or system.

To book your place contact either:

Andy Rheeston on

Leigh Simms on

Lee Taylor on

Event Details
club events
09 Jun 2019
Joseph Chamberlain College, 1 Belgrave Road, Birmingham B12 9FF
£30 per person
I have just recently joined the WCA as an Associate Instructor and, so far, the experience has been very pleasing. The response to my enquiries was prompt and professional, and the admission process very smooth. I am pleased to be associated with the WCA and I look forward to many years of knowledge exchange and learning. As my school grows, I will enrol the school into the WCA - my students are quite excited by the prospect. Thank you for your positive and constructive contribution to the field of martial arts.
Michael Beaton Senpu-Ryu Kenpo (Australia) Chief Instructor
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