VAGABOND WARRIORS - Seminar with Jamie Clubb

Vagabond Warriors Seminar with Jamie Clubb - hosted by Kuroten Practical Karate

15+ years - £35 per ticket

Learn "The Switch": where self-defence and combat sports merge, diverge and collide!



Event Details
club events
11 Jun 2023
William Loveless Hall, Wivenhoe CO7 9AB
£35 per ticket
I have just recently joined the WCA as an Associate Instructor and, so far, the experience has been very pleasing. The response to my enquiries was prompt and professional, and the admission process very smooth. I am pleased to be associated with the WCA and I look forward to many years of knowledge exchange and learning. As my school grows, I will enrol the school into the WCA - my students are quite excited by the prospect. Thank you for your positive and constructive contribution to the field of martial arts.
Michael Beaton Senpu-Ryu Kenpo (Australia) Chief Instructor
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