Grading success for student on scholarship

Grading success for student on scholarship

BCA instructor – Steve Prentice and his club Temple FSK & Self Defence Ipswich, provide numerous sessions each year for Suffolk Young Carers - a charity organisation that provides support, respite and activities to young carers within the Suffolk area. Temple FSK offered a scholarship to a young lady name Layken, this scholarship removes any financial costs from her family – and this is her story so far:-
Hello Peter & Dawn – I hope I find you both well.  I wanted to write to you to share some good news from our little club over in Suffolk.  Some months back we offered out a Scholarship to a young lady – Layken.  We first met Layken while providing some training sessions for Suffolk Young Carers, a charity organisation providing respite and activities for young carers within the County.  Layken had just started high school but during the summer holidays, she took part in a club grading for her yellow belt.
Although this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, it is.  Layken is a very quiet individual and has taken some time to come out of her shell a little but from the first time we met her in the training sessions we saw a little streak of fire and determination that we wanted to help grow and progress.  Layken was offered a scholarship (which alleviates all costs from equipment, class fees, gradings etc) which was accepted and has now been training with us for around 6 months.
The grading Layken attended was a full club grading under full test conditions and she coped very well, remembering her techniques, demonstrating good physical work as well as personal discipline, determination and etiquette. I’ve included some photographs taken during the grading which shows a few elements (stand up striking / kicking, to ground defence.
As an Instructor team and club, we are pleased to be able to offer Scholarship programmes where possible and proud to share in the individual student’ personal journey and success which we wanted to share with you and fellow members of the BCA and wider community.
Thank you for your continued support with our club admin and advice / guidance from Peter.












Layken has been training with us for around 6 months and we wanted to ask her a few questions to see if or how Martial Arts training (within our club) has affected or impacted her:

Q - Do you enjoy your training?
 A – Yes (short & sweet!)

Q – What do you enjoy about training at the club?
A – You meet new people, working with different grades is also good and its fun – not all the time as we have to work hard but we do get some fun games and sweets sometimes if we've put the work in.

Q – Do you feel you’ve learnt a lot since you started training?
A – Yes loads, how to do proper press ups (they’re tough), gettiing out of grabs and chokes and defending from the ground – which is fun.

Q – Whats your favourite thing about training at the club?
A – Its time for me to just concentrate on somehting for myself and and do my own thing.

Q – Last question, would you like to gain your Black belt one day?
A – (Big smile) Yes!
We’ll follow Layken’s journey, both on her progress within the club and her personal progress as a young individual facing the challenges of young adulthood, personal growth and being a young carer.


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