New Urban Krav Maga 6-DVD Set

New Urban Krav Maga 6-DVD Set

The sequel to the highly acclaimed original Urban Krav Maga 6-Set. 

 Peter Consterdine, Chairman of The British Combat Association: "'The Next Step Up' DVD set from Stewart McGill and his Urban Krav Maga group should, as I've said about previous productions, be on everyone's shelves. Apart from being great value for money as a 6 DVD set, there is something for everyone here, whether needing to have a range of self defence options or to complement any martial arts system, there are drills after drills structured and delivered in a very well thought-out way. As with all Stewart's productions the standard is very high, with absolutely no wasted time, simply drill after drill and it comes highly recommended."

This new 6-DVD set is complementary to the original set rather than a replacement: all-new material includes: fighting techniques and fight finishers, baton defences, street-grappling techniques including defending clinches, bear hugs, etc. There is also a disc containing over an hour of extended and updated techniques covering knife threats and attacks. 

"Urban Krav Maga has the best 'live' knife techniques I have seen, simple, direct and powerful"  - Mike, serving Police Officer in Manchester. 

Urban Krav Maga has unquestionably the most advanced ground-fighting programme of any Reality Based Self Defence System. The "Grappling Miscellany" disc in this collection will show you why.  

The DVD set is available on Amazon here:

Urban Krav Maga on Amazon: The Next Step Up


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